Conference Program

Outline of the Conference Schedule 1

Sept 10, 2017
Sept 11, 2017
Sept 12, 2017
Sept 13, 2017
Sept 14, 2017
(8:15 - 12:15)
  Quantum Coherent Systems
Part I
Quantum System
Design, Synthesis,
Electron & Spin in
Quantum Systems

Part II
Novel Quantum Systems

Closing Remarks &
Best Poster Award Ceremony
      Lunch Buffet /
Lunch Bags
(15:00 - 18:30)
Registration Electron & Spin in
Quantum Systems

Part I
Excursion * Quantum Coherent Systems
Part II
from 12:30 onward
      Conference Dinner  
Evening Poster Session
with Drinks / Snacks
Poster Session
with Drinks / Snacks

Session titles in Bold Face

The organizers promote young scientists by offering an extensive poster session covering two evenings. Thereby lively and inspiring discussions between the young and the more experienced are stimulated, beyond the Q&A in the oral sessions. The poster session is held in conjunction with a small vendor exhibition and with food and drink to intensify the interactions. Also to support juniors the QMol Prize shall be reserved for participants which have NOT been invited. The winner will be selected by the invited speakers based on the junior participants' performance in the poster / contributed oral sessions.

1 For details look at the PDF version of the program

* The conference excursion will be, depending on weather conditions, to one or two of the following destinations:

   The excursion is offered at participants cost.